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Welcome on board.

Welcome on board.

Bienvenidos a bordo.

Bienvenus à bord.

Welkom aan boord.

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MyOwn: April 2006

Wednesday, April 26, 2006



In running all day long, I don't take enough time for a very personal prayer. Sure, I celebrate more than one mass a day and that helps me a lot for keeping contact with my Lord. But I understand very well that prayer is the respiration of the soul. Without prayer, the spiritual life is dying. And quickly is the christian losing the sense of God in his life and the sense of all events in regard of grace. What you maybe ask is "which kind of prayer?" Maybe you imagine prayer is a lot of words mechanically said. It is an attitude of love, more than words, more than thinkings. It is a conviction to be in the presence of the Lord, all time long. It is a way to listen to Him. It is a way to see life and people. Prayer last longer in action and action in prayer. The good teachers are Jesus and his beloved mother Mary. Look at them; how they pray. They don't demand; they intercede for us and see our real necessities.
Praying, I see the whole world in my mind and my heart. Praying, I am more concerned by what is happening in more lifes. Praying I see more the sense of death and the sense of lifes too. The Greatness of God, his Love, his Mercy are more comprehensible. And the little thing we are, too.

It is not difficult to pray. And it is. First, concentrate yourself in His presence. Make silence inside. Read something helping you as the gospel or some good text. Try to understand deeply what you read and talk about with Him. Or better, listen…

It seems difficult to pray? I understand. Not the way to do it. But feeling like. It is due to the noise you have in your existence: money, the kids, your wife, your husband, the job, and so on. Make silence inside.

My best regards. God bless you.
Father Georges Toussaint

Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy Minister

This morning, our young people of our parish organized a very nice Cross Way with a very nice interpretation, full of faith. You can see the pictures of today at FlickR. It was great. I am a happy minister, with so a beautiful parish where people have love for each other and so much are changing of life. Better families, better youth. I hope it will be for ever. Nothing as a good formation of all, using middles as our theological school for leaders. And a continued effort to be present to all.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Un ensayo...

Con el afán de ver como resulta una plantilla de otro tipo de blog, probamos acá. Juntando los dedos en cruz ;)
Parece que lo hemos logrado...
Hay cositas que conocer mejor. Poco a poco.

Quiénes son? Jorgito de 2 años y su mamá.